These forms are available to UNIQA tenants.

Credit debit form

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Registgration form

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electronic mailing of rental invoice

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data protection information

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Antrag Schlüsselnachbestellung

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Vorlage Schreiben Aufkündigung Mietvertrag

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Vorlage Schreiben Aufkündigung Garage-Abstellplatz

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Practical guide

You have found your new home, but the move is still ahead of you. We would like to offer you a few practical tips to ensure that your move goes smoothly.


Before the move


  • Set a date of move.
  • Give notice to vacate the old apartment in time. Agree a handover date and arrange the repayment of the rental deposit.
  • Think about what renovation work needs to be done in the old apartment. Order workers for the work in good time and agree fixed dates.
  • Don't forget to re-register your children at school and kindergarten and organize childcare during the move.
  • Contact the billing office for gas, electricity and district heating in time, so that the electricity meter can be read on the day you move out.
  • Register electricity and gas in your new apartment in time. Wien Energie, Customer Service Center 1090 Wien, Spittelauer Lände 45
    -Phone Number: electricity/natural gas 0800 500 800 (Mo-Fr: 7:30 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.)
    -Phone Number district heating: 0800 500 700 (Mo-Fr. 7:30 a.m to 16:00 p.m )
    Malfunction phone number Wr. Netze: 
    Electricity: 0800 500 600,
    Natural gas: 01/ 128 (0-24 h)
    District heating: 01/4004-84830
  • Cancel your Phone, Internet, Radio and Television in time. Order the installation of your new services.
  • A1 Telekom, 1020 Wien, Lasallestraße 9, Phone Number 0800 664 100 or
  • Cancel daily newspapers and various subscriptions or enter your new address. Place with the post office a forwarding order.
  • Take measurements of the transportation routes due to bulky items: doors, elevator, etc.
    Draw a furniture plan for your removal helpers and movers.
  • Don't forget to clear out your old cellar in time. 
  • Lable the moving boxes clearly and separate them with immediately needed items and fragile goods .
  • Take care of transport locks (e.g. for washing machines)
  • Inform your employer or pension insurance institution with the new residential address, clarify with your employer a relocation vacation. 
  • Notify your household insurance or adjust your insurance contract.
  • Take a walk in the area around your new home to find out where the nearest doctor, pharmacy, post office and shopping facilities are
  • Test the new route to your employer (time required, alternative routes, etc.)
  • Provide the necessary number of keys for the apartment entrance door.
During the move


  • Instruct the movers where to place each piece and give them a copy of the furniture plan. (A little refreshment for the work team will certainly boost their enthusiasm!)
  • Transport damages (also in stairwells) should be confirmed in written form by the carrier.
  • Carry out an inspection before leaving the old apartment. Draw up a written record and have it signed by the property owner.
  • Remove your name badge on the old apartment.
After the move


  • Registration or deregistration at the responsible district office.Please bring the following with you: old/new registration form (Internet or at your local registration office) birth certificate, photo ID, rental contract. If your children's school or kindergarten has not changed, please provide them with your new address and telephone number.
  • Please inform the tax office and the Church Constribution Office of the new address.
  • Inform your insurance company of the change of address.
  • Inform your bank about the new address or clarify the change of the bank branch in charge.
  • Inform friends, relatives, associations, clubs etc. about the move.
  • Install your new door badge, arrange for the name to be changed on the intercom system.
  • If you want to celebrate a "housewarming party", ask your neighbors for their cooperation if this could turn out to be a little "noisier". Or invite your neighbors right away - a good opportunity to get to know each other.


We hope that our advice will serve you well during your move.

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